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ADR Media provides top notch translation, subtitling, media reproductions and web design services. We know you need quick, easy, one-stop solutions at bargain prices. Your specialised requirements are different from the company next door. Your reputation should not be compromised by amateur work.

We've done this for 20 years. So let us help you.


Enjoy accurate and appropriate translations from any source language to any target language. We provide the experts to translate legal documents, certificates, construction plans, video games, software, websites, radio scripts, advertisements, medical texts and (more)

Engage your global market with subtitles and dubs that resonate with the cultural sensitivities and knowledge structures of your audience. Our service enables TV networks, advertising companies and production houses to launch into numerous countries... (more)

Envision a one-stop centre where you can duplicate all sorts of media forms, such as CD, DVD, VCD, Mp3 and Blu-Ray Disc? Would you like us to create your DVD cover and menu as well? Yes, we do that too. Try us today, you will get the finest quality of our productions.(more)

Enhance your online presence for an effective marketing strategy. We will help you combine aesthetics, language and functionality to create a website that draws attention and markets your niche. (more)






Kindly submit us your e-mail address and document in our express quotation below, we will get back to you within 12 hours. thank you.

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